Jois Foundation: Good Samaritan Orphanage Outreach KENYA AFRICA


The Jois Foundation has been working to bring yoga to some of the most impoverished places of Africa. One of the ones doing the actual work has been writing about her experiences & taking pictures for us so we can see just how tremendously appreciated these efforts really are.

November 2012 we started a yoga class at Good Samaritan orphanage in one of the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

Good Samaritan is an orphanage totally dependent upon well wishers; unlike most of the orphanages here which are church sponsored. It is probably the worst I have seen thus far. There are babies to pre-teens and many are malnourished. They are in ragged and tattered donated clothing. The living conditions are such most of us could never imagine. When we were leaving the yoga class at 3pm they were beginning to feed the children. This would likely be their only meal for the day and was happening this day because of donations made that morning. To reach the location for the class we walked down a wet passageway, up a flight of stairs and then had to climb over a railing and laundry lines onto a roof top. The smell was beyond description. Despite the fact that most of the children do not have clothing suitable for yoga or exercise they eagerly took part. They giggled a lot and enjoyed their first experience of yoga and asked if we could come back the next day. The children are precious, funny and adorable but I realized that it is important to remember that these children do not have parents. They have no one to tuck them at night, to read them stories, to encourage them to dream big or to dream at all. They deserve our prayers and loving energy. I acknowledge that the need is great everywhere in the world but in this present moment this is what is in my life and I continue through this yoga to try to improve these children’s lives in anyway I can.