Ben Ponte

Ben has been practicing Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois for 20 years and teaching for 15. He has practiced with some of Australia’s most respected teachers, including Eileen Hall and Graeme Northfield, and is authorized to teach by R.Sharath Jois. He has travelled to Mysore and India extensively. For the last 4 years Ben has been teaching at Ashtanga Yoga Upper West Side, New York.

Ben is a practicing artist and has exhibited in Australia, India and New York. Informed by his experience as a yoga practitioner, his work explores themes of embodiment and dislocation, and integrates the discipline of Svādhyāya (study of self) into visual arts context. His most recent work explores the effects of digital media on the body (what he calls ‘disem-body language’) and the changing relationship to public and private space.

My interest is in integrating, via study and practice, a broad range of experience to develop a personal and ongoing relationship to yoga practice, not as an end in itself, but simply as a way to support and enhance daily life.